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New Teaching Hub Available for Association Members

Updated: Feb 14

Announced at their annual conference, The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) has launched a members-only course building tool powered by West End Learning's Syllect platform.

Their brand-new Teaching Hub is members' one-stop for a wealth of educational resources curated for teaching entrepreneurship. For years USASBE has made these exercises and resources available, but they have been challenging to find and difficult to update. Now these resources are searchable in one place, and all members can update, remove, or add their content.

Additionally, our AI-enabled Syllabus Matcher tool allows faculty to upload a syllabus and have it automatically match to relevant learning resources, saving valuable time.

Designed with members' teaching needs in mind, this comprehensive database is packed with thousands of additional curated materials from hundreds of sources to enhance course planning.

Are you a member of USASBE? Try the Teaching Hub today!


Scholarly associations are a trusted home for teaching and learning materials, but they often lack a simple way to share them with their members.

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