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To help all learners access quality, innovative education at affordable cost.

What We Do

We help colleges, faculty, nonprofits, and educators to create and adopt effective digital learning content. We specialize in work that integrates Open Educational Resources (OER) and library content into the classroom.


Named for the vibrant cultural hub and theatre district in London, West End Learning believes the best education, like theatre, is collaborative - involving faculty, students, libraries, associations, and more. 


Learn how our curriculum services help educators bring their digital learning initiatives to life so they can have the broadest impact.  


See how our platform, Syllect, helps save faculty time adopting OER and open resources.

Our Team

Our women-led company has expertise in publishing, education, and libraries from roles with ProQuest, Cengage, Infobase, and academia.

In the News

Research Information

June/July 2021


Learning Belongs in the Library — Affordability, Engagement, and OER

Against the Grain 

January 2022

OERs: the future of education?


We are a proud Winston-Salem, North Carolina Company and are grateful for the support of our community including NC IDEA and Winston Starts.

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