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Innovate to Educate: The Power of Partnerships in AMA’s Ed Hub

Screenshot of AMA's EdHub
AMA's EdHub

Scholarly associations and societies have rich educational material that has the potential to reach a bigger audience and diversify revenue. Yet, expanding these programs can be challenging, involving navigating platform complexities, updating content, and managing internal priorities. Strategic partnerships can help overcome these obstacles.

In collaboration with Maverick Publishing Specialists, we interviewed Julie Gill, VP Education Center Strategy and Operations AMA and Paul Gee, VP Product Management and Development of JAMA Network to learn how they developed the Ed Hub.

The Ed Hub is an online learning platform designed to support lifelong learning, licensure, and certification needs of physicians and medical professionals. Offering access to high-quality education from the AMA and other trusted sources, it hosts 8,000 activities and over 3,000 CME articles, podcasts, videos, and interactive modules.

"Regardless of size, societies can advance their programs using partnership models. Julie emphasizes that organizations 'just don’t need to reinvent the wheel.' Whether partnering internally, with vendors, or like-minded societies, existing solutions can be leveraged through creative partnerships to advance more effectively."

Learn how West End Learning's Custom Services for associations and societies or Maverick's Professional Education Program can help your organization develop educational initiatives.



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