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Make a broader impact with your virtual course, affordable learning initiative, or digital program. We can bring it to life.

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Our Approach

Invite a new perspective on how to implement and cost-effectively sustain your educational project. With our expertise in instruction, scholarly communications, and publishing, we see opportunities others may miss. We consider:

  • Software development

  • Discovery

  • Open source options

  • Assessing impact

  • Pedagogy

  • Project Leadership

  • Learning objectives

  • Content creation

  • Copyright clearance 

  • Accessibility

  • Metadata

  • Budget management



Need help with an online or hybrid course? We can save you time curating course materials, delivering courses in an LMS, creating media, and can advise on publication and recognition of your instructional content.



Christina Elson, Executive Director of the Wake Forest University Center for the Study of Capitalism hired us to launch a fully asynchronous online course, Business & Society, for the Master’s in Management program. Working with her learning objectives and introductory content, we compiled course materials, activities, and delivered the course in Canvas. Christina was mindful of student costs and wanted a menu of resources so other faculty could teach the course in the future using their own styles. West End Learning provided instructional design and project leadership, coordinating work between the department, the campus library, and the Canvas team.


Colleges and Universities

Need a short-term boost to get OER and textbook affordability initiatives moving? With our varied experience, we can bring together administration, the library, teaching and learning center, instructional designers, and faculty. We work with campuses that are unable to allocate dedicated staff to support these programs.



West End Learning partnered with Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC on their instructional innovation initiative. We supported a cohort of ten faculty across disciplines to redesign their courses to include OER and open pedagogy to improve student engagement. Working with the Dean, the library, and the faculty, we set campus goals for the project, worked individually with faculty, and reported on the success of the program. 



Scholarly associations, membership organizations, and other nonprofits with a mission to educate often need help launching new programs and reaching members. We can work with your organization to plan and execute complex projects, ensuring the results make an impact.



EmcArts built a successful program leading over 250 arts and community organizations through innovation and adaptive change.  We worked with them to reimagine the in-person program to create an interactive, online learning experience to reach a broader audience. We covered all aspects of the project including platform development, content creation, project management, and subcontracting talent. 


Our Team

Each project is led by Andrea Eastman-Mullins who contracts any specialized expertise. Our team of freelancers are in software, licensing, product management, higher education, UX, media creation, voiceovers, graphics, and more. We work with people who not only know their stuff, but who know education.


We have backgrounds with: 

ProQuest, Alexander Street Press, Bloomberg, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Politico, SAGE Publications, Pearson, UNC School of the Arts, University of North Carolina

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What We've Heard

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Working with Andrea and West End Learning helped us adapt to new ways of designing and delivering our services.  Andrea is an experienced professional who saw not only the programming changes needed, but also helped us organize internally to deliver a new kind of experience online.  As our primary audience is leaders in the arts sector, we knew we needed to distinguish our digital work through a creative approach that was intriguing and different.  Andrea helped us deliver!

– Richard Evans, Cofounder and President Emeritus of EmcArts

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