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As a marketing practitioner and adjunct faculty member, I have been frustrated by limited and dated textbooks. In a field where standards are changing constantly, it is time-consuming to create original content that's current and relevant. I am excited that West End is making learning resources more easily accessible. I could see this replacing textbooks completely for upper level courses.

– Carol Reeve, Johnson University Tennessee

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Discover what you're missing.

West End Learning will quickly connect your course to vetted, high-quality videos, articles, podcasts, group activities, and more to supplement or replace your commercial textbook. These digital resources, available at no cost to students, may just be the best learning content you aren't using... yet.

  • Save time hunting for the “right” content

  • Teach in your own voice

  • Reflect the learning needs of your students 

  • Trust materials selected by discipline experts

  • Make better use of association and nonprofit resources

Bring the real world of
entrepreneurship into your classroom.

Get access to diverse OER content - from the real world - that’s been vetted by entrepreneurship experts in a snap.


Syllect offers a thoughtfully-curated collection of over 2,500 open teaching materials, allowing you to enhance your syllabus at no cost to your students.


What We Do

West End Learning is dedicated to improving access to quality education.


We develop digital curriculum and provide other custom services to colleges, faculty, and nonprofits.


Working with educators inspired us to launch Syllect, a new platform helping faculty share and adopt open teaching resources. 

Join our growing list of creators

Make a broader impact with the teaching resources and techniques you've developed.

Faculty look to their peers first for ideas. Do you have something to recommend? 

We are seeking experienced teaching faculty who want to publish their activities, syllabi, assignments, and more to support others in the field.   


Upload your syllabus and get customized resources to fit your course needs.

About Our Founder

From the Founder, Andrea Eastman-Mullins:

For 25 years I’ve worked in academic library publishing, launching amazing databases with archives and content partners—video from the National Theatre, underground comics, declassified documents from the Guatemalan Civil War—content faculty would love to use in the classroom. But they rarely found it. At conferences, faculty would say, “Wow, I wish I had access to that!” Then we’d discover they already had it in their library. Some of the best content was never found.  

At the same time, I saw faculty moving away from commercial textbooks to save students money or free themselves to teach differently. But they struggled to find time to evaluate all the learning material that pops up in YouTube, Google, or a library search. I wanted to see for myself what faculty experienced, so I partnered with Salem College to help ten faculty redesign courses to use open resources. Sifting through broken links and outdated content, it took me hours to find quality resources for just one learning objective in a syllabus. And I have a background in software, libraries, publishing, and instructional design! We must make this easier.  

Libraries are championing the use of affordable and open educational resources (OER), and they need help to support more faculty. There is impressive open material out there from scholars, associations, museums, and libraries waiting to be discovered. I founded West End Learning to help faculty find those resources more easily to make their courses more affordable, engaging, and inclusive.  

See our blog to learn more about us and follow inspirational stories of college teaching through our Office Hours series. 

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