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Pioneer a new way to publish in entrepreneurship education

Make a Teaching Impact Outside Your Classroom

Most faculty look to their peers for teaching examples and inspiration. Do you have a recommended resource, syllabus, activity, or video that might help?

Many share via email, listservs, and social feeds, but those materials are siloed and hard to discover again. Peer-reviewed textbooks or journal articles can take months or even years to publish, keeping current ideas at bay. 

We are exploring a new publishing channel that's faster than a textbook and more discoverable than posting online. 


We are interested in connecting with faculty to pilot the idea. If you are at USASBE, we’d love to meet! 

Authors retain copyright and select a Creative Commons  or royalty-bearing license. 
We add context so other faculty can find and adopt it for their own course.  
Your lesson is found in Syllect alongside relevant discipline-specific material.  

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Let's meet and see if your teaching materials are a good fit for Syllect. Please schedule time to see a demo and share your feedback. 

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