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To help all learners access quality, innovative education at affordable cost.

What We Do

We work with colleges, faculty, nonprofits, and educators to create and adopt effective digital learning content. 


Learn how our curriculum services help educators develop learning resources and ensure they have the broadest impact. 


See how our platform, Syllect, helps save faculty time adopting OER and open resources.

About Our Founder

For 25 years I’ve worked in scholarly publishing for academic libraries. We launched amazing databases with our partners--video from the National Theatre, underground comics, declassified documents from the Guatemalan Civil War—content faculty would love to use in the classroom (and costs students nothing). But they were rarely aware of it. At conferences, faculty would say, “Wow, I wish I had access to that!” Then we’d discover they already had it in their library.

Some of the most affordable and highest-quality learning materials don't float to the top of Google results, leaving students with expensive curriculum and content creators with limited impact. I founded West End Learning to help improve the reach of these resources in order to make learning more affordable, engaging, and inclusive. 

Visit our blog to follow our news and inspirational stories of teaching through our Office Hours series. 

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Andrea Eastman-Mullins
Founder & CEO, West End Learning
MA, Higher Education
University of Michigan

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In the News

Research Information

June/July 2021


Learning Belongs in the Library — Affordability, Engagement, and OER

Against the Grain 

January 2022

OERs: the future of education?


We are driven by supporting faculty and librarians on the front lines of improving learning. We have learned from conversations with over 100 educators from a variety of campuses. Thanks in particular to our early partners whose collaboration ensured we addressed real-world teaching needs. 

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