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From the Founder, Andrea Eastman-Mullins:

For 25 years I’ve worked in academic library publishing, launching amazing databases with archives and content partners—video from the National Theatre, underground comics, declassified documents from the Guatemalan Civil War—content faculty would love to use in the classroom. But they rarely found it. At conferences, faculty would say, “Wow, I wish I had access to that!” Then we’d discover they already had it in their library. Some of the best content was never found.  

At the same time, I saw faculty moving away from commercial textbooks to save students money or free themselves to teach differently. But they struggled to find time to evaluate all the learning material that pops up in YouTube, Google, or a library search. I wanted to see for myself what faculty experienced, so I partnered with Salem College to help ten faculty redesign courses to use open resources. Sifting through broken links and outdated content, it took me hours to find quality resources for just one learning objective in a syllabus. And I have a background in software, libraries, publishing, and instructional design! We must make this easier.  

Libraries are championing the use of affordable and open educational resources (OER), and they need help to support more faculty. There is impressive open material out there from scholars, associations, museums, and libraries waiting to be discovered. I founded West End Learning to help faculty find those resources more easily to make their courses more affordable, engaging, and inclusive.  

Beta Launch

Our beta version is live! Contact us to gain free early access. 


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Andrea Eastman-Mullins

MA, Higher Education
(Instructional Design)
University of Michigan