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Joining Winston Starts

When I told a local friend that I was launching West End Learning, she asked me, "How can your community help you?" What an amazing question! I had worked for companies remotely for nearly 20 years, and had built most of my professional connections in DC, New York, and other metro areas. Over the past year, my eyes were opened to the resources right here at home.

Winston-Salem has a vibrant startup ecosystem, and I've been welcomed every step of the way. We were excited to join Winston Starts, a local incubator, in Marchjust days before the lockdown.

It's been a pleasure working with the team and other entrepreneurs from a variety of businesses. Looking ahead, we are excited to return to the office and join the community in-person when COVID allows.

Thanks to Greater Winston-Salem for profiling many emerging businesses here (including us) and showcasing the benefits of our community. With more people working remotely and considering different metro areas, Winston-Salem and Winston Starts look better than ever!

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