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Introducing Syllect

Professors and librarians we’ve spoken with confirm the same thing: no one has the time to find and evaluate all the digital learning content that is available. That’s what inspired our new platform, Syllect, which curates the top resources and matches them to course topics.

Just six months ago, it was a luxury to think about redesigning a course using new materials. Now it’s a necessity.

Finding digital learning materials can be a long and frustrating process. Inspiring content is out there at no cost to students, but faculty often don’t have time to assess quality, copyright, and technical requirements. Syllect helps faculty narrow down one billion results to the top 100 by curating relevant content from authoritative sources. Syllect saves time, enabling faculty to more easily teach with video, podcasts, assignments, and articles that fit their individual courses.

West End Learning's Syllect platform is now in beta. Focused on one discipline, Entrepreneurship, it contains over 800 open learning resources from 350 authors and organizations. Its resources—which include a variety of content including virtual guest speakers—have been vetted for use in college teaching. We are testing Syllect with faculty and libraries and encourage input.

We want to thank our advisory partners, Wake Forest University, Salem College, and MERLOT, as well as many other campuses for their participation so far. Stay tuned for new disciplines and features in the months to come.

Most popular Syllect resource (so far)

This month’s most popular Syllect resource delves into how the current CEO of Barnes & Noble faced serious challenges when he started his first bookshop in Britain, called Waterstones, and discovered ways to set his bookstores apart from the competition.

James Daunt discusses his methods for keeping employees motivated while adapting to change so that a business stays relevant.



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