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Survey Reveals Faculty Wish List for Digital Course Materials

To learn how faculty find and evaluate digital resources for teaching, West End Learning surveyed faculty from a variety of disciplines. Our early results from 34 faculty teaching at community colleges, liberal arts colleges, research universities, and arts conservatories show a snapshot of how faculty are teaching remotely. To build on our findings, we invite you to take our survey

Nearly all surveyed use video in their teaching. Surprisingly, eBooks ranked lower than expected. While almost a third of faculty selected eBooks as one resource they use, most other resources ranked higher. Virtual guest speakers, podcasts, and experiential activities also ranked high, showing that faculty are looking for more ways to teach.

Faculty can spend a lot of time figuring out which resources to use in teaching. Most faculty rely on their own judgment to select the right materials.

Outside their own expertise, faculty rely on respected faculty in their field and scholarly associations to evaluate quality.

Beyond Google, faculty look most to their colleagues for recommendations. Tied with YouTube, college libraries rank high on this list as well. Awareness of OER Repositories (MERLOT, OER Commons, etc.) is lower but potentially growing with the demand for online resources.

Survey results were compiled from 34 faculty representing a variety of institution types and disciplines in April 2020. To build on our findings, we invite you to take our survey.



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