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West End Learning Partners with Paratext on Digital Syllabus Initiative


Winston-Salem, NC (October 7, 2020) Paratext and West End Learning announce a new partnership to serve faculty through Syllect, a vetted collection of course materials aligned with college curricula.

Many education solutions are driven primarily by software. Few are driven by an understanding of scholarly content. With a foundation in content discovery and curation, Paratext and West End Learning bring more than 50 years of experience in library research, higher education, and curriculum design.

Syllect serves two objectives. It saves faculty time by curating highly-recommended materials that supplement or replace traditional textbooks. Additionally, Syllect reduces student cost by making use of established content available openly or through the library.

In 2020, West End Learning launched the beta of Syllect with input from faculty, librarians, and instructional designers from dozens of campuses and partners including This partnership will expand Syllect with a series of interdisciplinary modules to be announced this year. Syllect will be built on a sophisticated metadata structure and will easily integrate into learning applications using interoperability standards.

Andrea Eastman-Mullins, founder and CEO of West End Learning says, “Most campuses I speak with don’t need yet another platform or content set right now. They need help leveraging what they have. Paratext has been helping libraries extend the reach of their research content for decades. Doing the same for course content will integrate the library into instruction and inspire innovative ways of teaching with new material.”

According to Eric M. Calaluca, founder and President of Paratext, “This new partnership, based on our combined experiences with library research and the evolving needs of faculty, will serve both well. Not burdening students with additional costs adds to the value. We’re excited to move forward in improving syllabi and better aligning our products with the changing needs of instructors.”

About West End Learning

West End Learning, based in Winston-Salem, NC was founded in 2019 by Andrea Eastman-Mullins, who has led the development of over 300 library databases. West End Learning helps faculty and organizations build affordable and engaging courses using digital content. For more information visit

About Paratext

Paratext, founded in 1993 and based in Middleburg, VA, is an independent information company serving the global library market. Paratext produces research databases and other bibliographic services. For more information visit

Contact: Andrea Eastman-Mullins



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