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Office Hours: Teaching via YouTube with Dr. Jay of Roosevelt University

Faculty have creatively transformed their classes as digital learning becomes a choice rather than a necessity. In this series, West End Learning celebrates their efforts and shares best practices, lessons learned, and recommended resources that extend into the future of higher education.

Dr. Jay Fulgencio first discovered open educational resources by accident when doing his dissertation. He’s been an OER advocate ever since, and a creator of open educational materials as well.

He established the “Dr. J Real Talk” channel on YouTube to explain entrepreneurship concepts in quick, easy-to-understand videos to complement his use of an OER textbook. These videos allow Dr. Jay to showcase his teaching and creative skills while helping entrepreneurship students everywhere. Learn more about Dr. J’s contributions to entrepreneurship education in this clip from our webinar.

This clip is from the webinar, "Beyond the Book: Customizing Entrepreneurship Courses with OER," sponsored by Syllect, a curated set of open educational materials for teaching classes in entrepreneurship. Learn more about how Syllect can support your course.


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