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Office Hours: Media and Entertainment Entrepreneurship with Jed Simmons of UNC and Duke

Out of necessity, faculty have creatively transformed their classes since the pandemic began. In this series, West End Learning celebrates their efforts and shares best practices, lessons learned, and recommended resources that extend into the future of higher education.

Jed Simmons, Professor of the Practice of Entrepreneurship at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University, teaches “a class that looks at the intersection of media, entertainment, technology, and consumer products.” He chooses current issues in media for his classes to research, weaving in case studies and guest speakers to bring topics to life.

Jed believes that exploring the history and structure of each industry gives students a foundational framework that they can use to better understand business and entrepreneurship. He gives students writing assignments, because he believes that getting students to write and accept feedback can help them think critically.

In this video Jed shares his syllabus and explains how he teaches without a textbook by using a mix of cases, guest speakers, podcasts, and articles to keep his course topical.

This clip is from the webinar, "Beyond the Book: Innovations in Teaching Entrepreneurship with OER," sponsored by Syllect, a curated set of open educational materials for teaching classes in entrepreneurship. Learn more about how Syllect can support your course.


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