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Office Hours: Industry Research and Universal Design with Summer Krstevska of Wake Forest University

Out of necessity, faculty have creatively transformed their classes since the pandemic began. In this series, West End Learning celebrates their efforts and shares best practices, lessons learned, and recommended resources that extend into the future of higher education.

Summer Krstevska, a Business, Economics, and Data Access Librarian at Wake Forest University, blends her background in Library Science with podcasts, Twitter, and TikTok to teach students how to research industries. After discovering the “How I Built This” podcast on a road trip, she realized it could be a teaching resource, allowing students to imagine, plan, and create their own businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. “I’m a librarian, so I’m trying to also teach them about library tools… I’m aiming to provide content in various formats—audio, text, video, etc.—because I’m attempting to utilize universal design and make my course materials accessible to many.”

Summer’s insights into teaching with open educational resources are featured in this clip taken from the webinar, "Beyond the Book: Innovations in Teaching Entrepreneurship with OER," sponsored by Syllect, a curated set of open educational materials for teaching classes in entrepreneurship. Learn more about how Syllect can support your course.


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