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Office Hours: Entrepreneurial Mindset with Lynnette Claire of the University of Puget Sound

Out of necessity, faculty have creatively transformed their classes since the pandemic began. In this series, West End Learning celebrates their efforts and shares best practices, lessons learned, and recommended resources that extend into the future of higher education.

Lynnette Claire is a Professor of Business and Leadership at the University of Puget Sound. Her course, An Entrepreneurial Mindset for the Arts, teaches students from business, theatre, dance, and other majors to think critically about fundraising and leading nonprofits. “It was a challenge coming up with materials because most of the available texts are very specific to one kind of art,” she noted. Lynnette went through library databases for resources, but most were not aimed at teaching artists about entrepreneurship. Lynnette shares her process in finding and adapting open educational resources, which led to a current project where students become mindset superheroes!

This clip was taken from the webinar, "Beyond the Book: Innovations in Teaching Entrepreneurship with OER," sponsored by Syllect.


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