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Guest Post: Two Key Reasons Instructors Should Use Syllect

As an adjunct faculty member, I find that I need to commit more time to find resources for the classroom beyond what a publisher would offer. I am not saying it's not doable, but as adjunct faculty, we don’t have as much time as full-time tenured professors would have to scour the internet for resources to add to our courses. However, there is a great resource that brings value to your teaching and classroom that was created by professors like you. Let me give you two critical reasons why Syllect offers top-quality course content.

Top Quality Open Content

Open content refers to educational materials that are distributed and reused freely. Syllect provides content chosen from over 600 websites that includes videos, articles, podcasts, and activities. What does it mean to have access to open content? It means you won’t have to worry about a significant publisher coming after you for using one of their figures in your PowerPoint.

If you ask about the quality of content, let me tell you that the content in Syllect comes from qualified business professors and sources such as the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship. All content is vetted by qualified professionals. One of the resource types I enjoy from Syllect is class activities because, as an adjunct, I may have little time to come up with an activity for the classroom.

Syllect has a variety of course themes that includes entrepreneurship, leadership, ethics, financial literacy, branding, mindset, and more. The course theme options allow you to select content from that specific theme without having to click through the rest of the content. For, example, when I click on financial literacy, all videos, podcasts, and course content related to that topic all come together on one page.

For Educators by Educators

The contributors to Syllect are not random individuals. All content added to Syllect has been selected by professionals and vetted by professionals. I am a contributor to the site; I considered my work qualified to be in Syllect, and it has been vetted for quality. If you question the authenticity of the content, just check it for yourself because it is just as good as you would find on publisher websites.

Here is another reason Syllect sits a notch above publisher sites: Syllect provides videos and podcasts from various resources and topics.

If you are an adjunct professor who teaches business, leadership, or personal finance, and you are crunched on time and need resources for your class, I highly recommend you check out Syllect. Syllect provides quality content that is put together by professionals such as yourself.

So when will you check out Syllect?

Jay Fulgencio, Ph.D.

Instructor, Roosevelt University


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