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Join us! Beyond the Book: Customizing courses with OER, video, and podcasts

As the entrepreneurship field evolves, open educational resources (OERs) are becoming a crucial part of every educator's toolkit. Some of your colleagues are actively using these resources or developing their own. We’re excited to speak with a few of these faculty at our upcoming webinar, and we’d love for you to join us!

May 24th at 2:00pm ET

Our panelists include:

  • Geoffrey Graybeal, OpenStax textbook author and Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Georgia State University.

  • Rebecca White, Advocate of "podagogy," or using podcasts in teaching. Host of the podcast En Factor and Chair of Entrepreneurship and Director of the John P Lowth Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Tampa.

  • Jay Fulgencio, Passionate about the use of OERs in business and host of a video series on teaching entrepreneurship. Instructor of Organizational Leadership at Roosevelt University.



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