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using open content custom-fit to your syllabus.

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Discover what you're missing.

West End Learning will quickly connect your course to vetted, high-quality videos, articles, podcasts, group activities, and more to supplement or replace your commercial textbook. These digital resources, available at no cost to students, may just be the best learning content you aren't using... yet.

  • Save time hunting for the “right” content

  • Teach in your own voice

  • Reflect the learning needs of your students 

  • Trust materials selected by discipline experts

  • Make better use of library and nonprofit resources

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Are textbooks weighing you down? West End Learning can lighten the load by matching relevant content to your syllabus so you can more easily customize your course – with your own voice – in less time.

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Libraries are leaders in affordable learning and Open Educational Resources (OER). Our services expand their influence through branding, integrating library resources, and actionable analytics.

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Content Providers

Associations, museums, and institutions publish engaging learning content that deserves a spotlight. Extend the reach and impact of your material with our licensing and publishing services.

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No more rabbit holes! Save hours by matching your syllabus automatically to content relevant to your course. Refine by fields that matter most to instructors—course level, content type, pedagogical technique, etc.

Expert vetting. Trust a curated set of resources from museums, associations, libraries, and institutions. Confidently find only what is current, technically reliable, and of high academic quality.

Affordable accessEnsure all students are prepared for class on Day 1 by linking to content they can access openly or through your library. 

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What We've Heard

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As a marketing practitioner and adjunct faculty member, I have been frustrated by limited and dated textbooks. In a field where standards are changing constantly, it is time-consuming to create original content that's current and relevant. I am excited that West End is making learning resources more easily accessible. I could see this replacing textbooks completely for upper level courses.

– Carol Reeve, Johnson University Tennessee


We are driven by supporting faculty and librarians on the front lines of improving student learning. We rely on input from our academic and library partners to ensure we address real-world teaching needs. 

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